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for International Students with a 100% Success Rate

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A Wharton graduate and Fulbright scholar will teach you how to prepare winning MBA applications to make your dream come true.

Why should you work with Bansou Consulting?

1. 100% success rate: I bring results. All the international students I’ve helped throughout the entire prep process have been admitted to their dream schools.

2. Coaching: Through one-on-one sessions, I listen to your life story, guide you to deeply self-reflect, and identify your authenticity - your philosophy, belief, and motivation. Knowing your true self is the first step to your MBA admission success, and what makes your essay stand out.

3. Creative Storytelling: This skill sets me apart from other consultants. I’ve helped various clients with low GMAT and GPA write moving essays that made admissions want to meet them in person - they got admitted to top US and European MBA programs.

4. Industry expertise: I understand your professional background and know how to best brand you. Having worked in finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship in the US and other countries, I know most applicants’ nitty-gritty work. I can strategize your branding narrative and bring out your authenticity in the professional context to stand out in the competitive pool.

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About Consultant

Wharton MBA (Double degrees) with a Fulbright scholarship. Worked in finance in the US after graduation.

Embarking on the journey of MBA applications can be a daunting and isolating experience. I know because I've been there and done that.

As an MBA candidate, I sought guidance from renowned MBA admission counselors. While their expertise was invaluable, I found certain aspects—such as self-analysis, branding, and storytelling—particularly challenging. I spent countless hours grappling with these tasks alone. Although I eventually got into my dream schools, I wondered how I could help MBA candidates make their journey far less daunting.

At Wharton, while helping many international students with their applications, I noticed that many struggled with writing authentic essays. The lack of self-analysis and effective branding strategies left them disconnected from their own narratives.

Drawing from my experiences as an international student and recruiting in the U.S., I am committed to offering high-quality services to equip students with essential self-presentation skills. From crafting a compelling CV to honing interview techniques, my goal is to empower international students not only for MBA admission but also for their future global careers.

At MBA Bansou Consulting, let me be your trusted guide on the journey to realizing your dreams!

Our Approach

Our approach entails the following five steps.

Step 1:

Know yourself

Reflect on your life and gather contents through one-on-one sessions. Understand your strengths and what makes you who you are.

Step 2:

Brand yourself

Build brand strategies based on the insights from Step 1 by identifying differentiators that make you stand out in the competitive pool.

Step 3:

Create a story about your authentic self

Understand essay questions and develop storylines. Create engaging narratives and learn how to effectively and creatively present your authentic stories in writing.

Step 4:

Integrate your content throughout your application package. Write essays, CVs, and other application documents.

Step 5:

Present yourself in speaking

Familiarize yourself with common interview questions for each school and learn how to answer effectively in a punchy, concise manner. Practice with mock interviews.

Present yourself in writing

※In Step1,2,3&5, I will support you as you go through these steps. In Step 4, I will review your applications - you need to write your essays.

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As a reapplicant, I received consulting services from MBA Bansou Consulting. Previously, I worked with a well-known MBA consultant, but the support for self-analysis and essay editing was limited. In hindsight, my essay had many areas for improvement. For my second application attempt, I hired another famous MBA consultant and completed an essay for one school. However, after my first session with the consultant at MBA Bansou Consulting, I immediately decided to appoint her as my main MBA addmission consultant. Her feedback made me realize that my essay was still quite shallow, and she genuinely tried to understand me as an individual. Consequently, I was able to write a much deeper and higher-quality essay, leading to my acceptance at Wharton/Lauder, LBS, Booth, and all the IESE schools I applied to. I feel very fortunate to have had her support.

Here are the reasons why I highly recommend MBA Bansou Consulting:

  1. In-depth Self-Analysis: Bansou Consulting delved into my past experiences, from my upbringing to pivotal life moments. Answering his questions helped me uncover appealing points and underlying themes in my life that I had not realized. Discussing these in Japanese allowed for a deeper exploration, which led to high-quality essay writing.
  2. Creative Writing: Bansou Consulting provided ideas and suggestions for creative stories and their structure that I could never have come up with on my own. Her editing skills were far superior to those of other admission counselors.
  3. High-Quality Guidance: Bansou Consulting offered invaluable guidance in writing and speaking, ensuring I would be well-prepared for my MBA journey.
  4. Extensive Business Experience and Knowledge: She understood my work as a finance graduate and guided me on how to effectively present my qualifications and experiences in my CV.
  5. Interview Preparation: Bansou Consulting helped me refine my answers to be precise and compelling. For Wharton's TBD, he strategically advised me on navigating various team dynamics based on his understanding of my personality and strengths, boosting my confidence for the actual TBD.
  6. Attention to Quality: Unlike previous experiences where I received an "OK" for essays that didn't feel quite right, she not only pinpointed areas for improvement but also worked with me until I was fully satisfied with the final product.

There are countless reasons to recommend Bansou Consulting, but these stand out the most. As someone who struggled with the MBA application process, I can attest that choosing the right essay counselor is crucial. Unlike any other counselor, she took me seriously and helped me grow both as an MBA candidate and as an individual. I have complete trust in him and still keep in touch with him regularly, even now that I have entered the MBA program.

- M, Wharton

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Through counseling, I was able to craft a coherent story based on my own experiences. I believe Bansou Consulting excels at uncovering a highly authentic and aspirational narrative that can be used in my CV, essays, and interviews.

With other MBA admission counseling services, self-analysis, branding, and story creation are often left entirely up to the candidates. This can be challenging and time-consuming if you get stuck. In contrast, Bansou Consulting provides invaluable advice at these critical times, drawing on their consultants' own experiences as candidates. This helps us quickly develop a realistic and compelling story. The reasons for their accurate advice are: (1) the consultant thoroughly understands the candidate's experiences during the self-analysis process, (2) the consultant is bilingual and communicates effectively, and (3) the consultant has extensive teaching experience. These are the three main reasons I find their guidance exceptional.

Before seeking their help, I had never been aware of my childhood passions or purpose in life and spent over a month struggling with my essay. When I finally reached out to the consultant, I was anxious due to my tight schedule. However, her advice on my essay and CV was incredibly insightful, and I’m so glad I sought their help. If I had contacted them earlier, I could have followed a more reasonable timeline. Additionally, for the interview preparation after the application, I received detailed guidance on effective expressions and gestures. Considering that I successfully passed the interview despite my struggles with interviews in Japanese, I can attest to the high quality of the counselor's guidance.

I am extremely satisfied with the support I received. The counselor is trustworthy, approachable, and responds promptly (so much so that I worry about how hard she works!). If you need help, please get in touch with her.

- X, MIT Sloan

Why should you hire me?



3. 圧倒的なストーリー作成支援力・添削力。これらのスキルによって、テストスコアやGPAの低い多数のクライアントをトップ校合格に導く。


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About Consultant

Wharton MBA(ダブルディグリー)卒、奨学生。MBA卒業後、米国の金融機関にて勤務。米国大学卒。




Our Approach


Step 1:



強み、自分らしさを理解する。また、これらの要素を繋ぐ、ご自身の人生のバックボーン(信念・哲学)の炙り出す。Why MBAを突き詰める。

Step 2:



Step 3:



Step 4:

Step 1-3をもとに、エッセーとCVを執筆する。


Step 5:





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私はリアプリカントとして、伴走さんのコンサルティングサービスを受けました。一度目の受験の際は、有名なMBAコンサルタントにサポートして頂きましたが、自己分析やエッセーの編集も限定的で、今振り返ると、改善点が沢山あるエッセーだったと思います。今回、二度目の受験の際は、別の有名なMBAコンサルタントを起用し、一校分のエッセーは出来上がっている状況でした。しかし、その頃、伴走さんに出会い、彼女との初回セッションを受けた後に、彼女をメインカウンセラーとして起用することを即決しました。伴走さんのフィードバックのお陰でいかに私のエッセイが浅いレベルで留まっているかを実感することができたことに加え、セッションを通じて本当に私という一個人を理解しようとしてくださったからです。結果、有名なコンサルタント二名がレビューしたエッセーよりも、二層程深まった良質なエッセーを書くことができ、志望校のWharton/Lauder, LBS, Booth, IESE全校に合格する事ができました。伴走さんにサポートをお願いできて本当に良かったと感じています。










- M, Wharton

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- X, MIT Sloan

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私のスコアはIELTS OA7.5、GRE321とトップスクールに受験するにはかなり心許ないものでした。しかし伴走さんのご指導に基づいたCV、エッセイにより、提出した5校(UW Foster, USC, Ross, Haas, MIT)全てからインタビュー招待を受け取ることができました。

また、インタビュー練習を2回させていただきました。私が伝えるべき内容を熟知されているので、表面的な発音や表現の指摘にとどまらず、内容にまで踏み込んだ指摘を大量にいただきました。わかりにくいところはわかりにくいとバッサリ切ってくれる鬼のような側面と、前回に比べて改善した点は積極的に見つけて褒めてくれる優しい側面、どちらも私にはぴったりのご指導方法でした。インタビューMockを専門にやっている他のネイティブのサービスも受けましたが、伴走さんのご指摘の方が本質的で、何万倍もためになったと感じています。最終的に、結果としてUW, USC, Rossの3校に合格することができました。献身的なサービスに本当に感謝しております。

- Ebay, Ross

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私は合計8校出願しました。エッセイの設問自体は、学校による差異はあまりないので、通常のカウンセラーは使いまわしを進めるのですが、伴走さんとは各学校の特色やセールスポイントを徹底的に深堀し、すべて個別のエッセイ作成を進めました。この工程をしっかり踏むことで、エッセイのみならず、その後のインタビューでも自信をもってwhy this school?に対応できたと考えています。






- Tak, HEC

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- YM, Chicago Booth

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- MK, Oxford



- Sa, Oxford


- K, LBS

I got into GSB and Wharton/ Lauder! I knew my profile was unique, but I wasn't sure how to articulate it. With your tremendous help, I could create a compelling story connecting my background, passion, and vision. Thank you so much for your guidance and coaching!

- P, GBS

Our Results

Programs (2024 Intake):

Stanford GSB


Wharton (Essay)

Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth EMBA

MIT Sloan

Kellogg MMM

Ross, University of Michigan

UC Berkeley Haas (Essay)

UCLA Anderson





UCLA Anderson

Programs (to date):

Stanford GSB



Wharton/ Lauder

Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth EMBA

MIT Sloan

Columbia Business School

Haas, UC Berkeley (Essay)

Ross, University of Michigan

McComb, University of Austin

UNC Chapel Hill (Interview)

USC Marshall



University of Washington

London Business School

Oxford Said

Oxford MSc






Wharton Lauder Institute



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If you are interested in our services, please fill out the intake form below. I will set up a free 45-minute initial consultation with you to see if we can work together.

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